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Update: Daniel Abed Khalife not arrested

The Metropolitan Police have launched an intensive manhunt for Daniel Abed Khalife, the escaped inmate from Wandsworth Prison. A reward of up to £20,000 has been announced for any information that leads to Khalife’s capture.

Khalife’s daring escape unfolded on Wednesday morning, sending shockwaves through law enforcement agencies. The search operation is currently being spearheaded by the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command, reflecting the gravity of the situation.

Over 150 dedicated counter-terrorism officers and staff from the Metropolitan Police, in collaboration with colleagues from various police forces, have been tirelessly working around the clock to locate Khalife. Their efforts include extensive investigations aimed at tracking down the fugitive.

The breakthrough in the investigation came when a vigilant member of the public reported a potential sighting of Khalife. The eyewitness described a man closely matching Khalife’s description, spotted near Wandsworth Roundabout. The individual was observed walking away from a BidFood van, which had made a stop near the south entrance to Wandsworth Roundabout, at the intersection of Trinity Road. Subsequently, Khalife was seen heading towards Wandsworth town center.

This sighting has become a pivotal lead among several key lines of inquiry actively pursued by investigators.

Commander Dominic Murphy, who leads the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command, emphasized the ongoing dynamic and high-stakes nature of the investigation. Commander Murphy expressed gratitude to the public for their cooperation and the invaluable information received thus far.

The commander acknowledged that the sighting near Wandsworth Roundabout holds tremendous significance and urged the public to report any sightings or information related to Khalife’s whereabouts without delay.

To facilitate public involvement, the Metropolitan Police has launched the UK Image Appeal website, where individuals can submit relevant imagery and videos directly to the investigative team. This includes CCTV footage, doorbell recordings, mobile phone videos, or dash-cam footage.

While the manhunt intensifies, police continue to focus their investigative efforts in London. This includes search activity conducted in Richmond Park overnight into the early hours of Friday, September 8th.

In response to a nationwide alert issued on Wednesday, security measures have been bolstered at ports and borders, aimed at minimizing potential disruptions. The Metropolitan Police are actively engaged with police colleagues across the UK and have implemented various precautionary measures.

Although Khalife is not believed to pose a widespread threat to the public, authorities advise against approaching him directly and instead urge anyone who spots him to contact emergency services immediately by calling 999.

Daniel Abed Khalife, a 21-year-old former soldier, was declared missing at 07:50hrs on September 6th. The Metropolitan Police were alerted at 08:15hrs and immediately launched efforts to trace a delivery van that had departed from the prison.

At 08:37, police officers intercepted the van on Upper Richmond Road, near the junction with Carlton Drive. Upon questioning the driver and conducting a thorough search, police discovered strapping on the underside of the van, leading to the belief that Khalife had concealed himself beneath the vehicle and employed this strapping during his escape.

Previously, details of the van’s suspected escape route were based on GPS data. However, further investigations using CCTV footage have allowed authorities to refine the route the van took after departing Wandsworth Prison.

The updated route reveals that after leaving Wandsworth Prison, the van turned onto Swandon Way, continuing on this path until making a turn onto Fairfield Street.

The Metropolitan Police are urging the public to remain vigilant and assist in any way possible to aid Khalife’s swift apprehension. The reward of £20,000 underscores the seriousness of the situation, as law enforcement agencies leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice.

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