Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Brighton and Hove Council plans community-led Christmas celebration

Brighton and Hove Council has announced plans to create a brand new Christmas celebration for the city, offering local artists, craftspeople, food producers, and performers an exciting opportunity to be part of the festive event. The decision comes after independent events company E3 Events, which hosted a large Christmas market on Valley Gardens for the past two years, faced difficulties due to the effects of Covid, supply chain problems, and rising costs, leading them to withdraw from this year’s event.

With this development, the council aims to create a smaller-scale, community-led celebration that focuses on the city’s vibrant local artisans and performers. The council plans to consult with local artists, residents, and potential partners to gather ideas and develop the new event. They envision a celebration that includes brass bands, choirs, gifts, crafts, and family-friendly activities.

Councillor Alan Robins, the lead councillor for culture, expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming Christmas celebration, stating, “We’re excited to announce our plans for a different type of Christmas celebration this year that will be community-focused and centered around our fantastic local artisans and performers.”

The council is keen to reimagine the kind of Christmas celebration that Brighton & Hove deserves, considering the withdrawal of the current operator as an opportunity to create something unique. The specific location for the new event has yet to be decided, and the council aims to engage potential partners, artists, and citizens in the consultation process to explore ideas and opportunities.

This new initiative promises to bring a fresh and vibrant Christmas celebration to Brighton & Hove, uniting the community and showcasing the talent and creativity of local artists and performers. Stay tuned for further updates on the development of this exciting festive event.

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