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Brighton and Hove Council winter hours for public toilets

In a move aimed at maintaining essential services for residents and visitors, Brighton and Hove Council has announced the extension of winter opening hours for most public toilets across the city. This decision includes keeping open facilities such as Stanmer Village and Queens Park, which had been closed during the winter season in the past.

Winter opening hours officially commenced on October 1st, ensuring access to public toilets during the colder months. Most public toilets in the city will be available from 8 am to 4 pm, with the exception of select high-traffic sites. To accommodate increased demand, the toilets at Shelter Hall, Colonnade, West Pier Arches, and Kings Road Playground will remain open until 6 pm.

For detailed information on specific public toilet opening times, residents and visitors can refer to the Brighton & Hove Council’s dedicated webpage.

Temporary Winter Closures and Consideration for Reopening

Continuing a tradition from previous years, the council will temporarily close four sites during winter, namely Daltons, Greenleas, Hollingbury Park, and Black Rock. These facilities are scheduled to reopen in the spring of the following year.

Additionally, the toilets at Royal Pavilion Gardens and The Level will remain closed temporarily as the council explores options for their reopening. However, starting October 3rd, members of the public can utilize the toilets in the foyer of Brighton Dome, open from 9:45 am to 5:15 pm, Tuesday to Sunday.

Vandalism Incident at Queens Park

Regrettably, due to extensive vandalism, a cubicle at Queens Park had to be closed for repairs. The council is actively assessing and rectifying the damage, with plans to reopen the cubicle as soon as possible. This incident occurred just a month after another cubicle at Queens Park faced similar vandalism but has since reopened for public use.

Residents with information regarding the vandalism at Queens Park or any issues related to public toilets in the city are encouraged to report them through the council’s online form.

Councillor Tim Rowkins, Chair of the City Environment, South Downs, and The Sea Committee, expressed determination in keeping public toilets operational during the winter season. He emphasized ongoing maintenance efforts at Greenleas and Black Rock to facilitate their reopening next spring and assured plans are underway to reopen toilets at The Level and Royal Pavilion Gardens.

Regarding the vandalism at Queens Park, Councillor Rowkins urged anyone with information to come forward, highlighting the importance of cooperation with the police to address such incidents effectively.

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