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Brighton Entrepreneur Charms Dragon’s Den with Innovative Skincare Line

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In an exciting episode of BBC’s “Dragon’s Den” this week, Brighton-based entrepreneur Jasmine Wicks-Stephens took the stage to introduce her groundbreaking skincare brand, Faace, to the dragons. With the ambition to declutter the complex world of skincare, Wicks-Stephens presented her brand as a simple, straightforward solution to everyday skin issues caused by factors such as stress, fatigue, and hormonal changes.

Faace, launched in 2020, has quickly gained traction for its no-nonsense approach to skincare. The brand offers a variety of products, each designed to target specific skin concerns with direct, easy-to-understand names like Stress Faace moisturizer and Period Faace face mask. Wicks-Stephens explained to the dragons that her brand’s philosophy is to make skincare routines as uncomplicated as possible, dubbing Faace the “world’s first does-what-it-says skincare range.”


The brand’s website emphasizes its mission to “fix skin fast” without the need for consumers to overthink their skincare choices. Faace’s products are developed with natural actives and are expert-approved, promising to be an inclusive and affordable option for all skin types and concerns.

Among the standout features of Faace’s products are their science-based formulations, vegan and eco-friendly credentials, and development by hormonal skin experts. The brand has already caught the attention of industry giants, with dragon Peter Jones commending the products for their “amazing scent.” The pitch left viewers and potential investors curious about whether Jones or any of the other dragons would back Wicks-Stephens in her quest to take Faace to a global audience.

Wicks-Stephens shared her personal journey in the beauty industry, highlighting her 17 years of experience and the collaborative effort behind Faace. The brand was born out of her own need for a fuss-free, effective skincare solution that could keep up with her busy life as a working mother. Faace aims to cut through the complexity of traditional skincare, providing products that directly address the skin’s needs at any given moment.

Brighton-based Jasmine Wicks-Stephens
Jasmine Wicks-Stephens

With accolades from celebrities, prominent mentions in leading fashion magazines, and several beauty awards, Faace has rapidly evolved from a small startup to a sought-after brand in the global beauty market. Wicks-Stephens’s pitch on “Dragon’s Den” not only showcased her innovative approach to skincare but also highlighted her vision for a world where skincare is accessible, straightforward, and tailored to life’s various challenges.


Our founder Jas created Faace to simplify skincare. Overwhelmed by the industry and experiencing stressed out skin she wanted to strip back her routine and so she created the products she wanted to see on the market (oh, and she did all this as a NEW mum!) ✨💖 #skincare #skintok #skincare101 #hormonalskin #mompreneur #womeninbusiness #femalefounders

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As Faace continues to grow, Jasmine Wicks-Stephens’s appearance on “Dragon’s Den” marks a significant milestone in her entrepreneurial journey, potentially opening doors to new opportunities and the expansion of her mission to simplify skincare for everyone.

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