Four men sentenced for running drug operation in Brighton and Hove

A county drugs line operation in Brighton and Hove has led to the imprisonment of four individuals.

Through proactive efforts, the Community Investigation Team in Brighton and Hove uncovered the drug dealing activities of Reggie Gwyer, 22, residing on Harleston Road in Portsmouth, and Daniel Ghasemi, 37, living on North Road in Brighton. They were apprehended while dealing drugs to the Manchester Street community on September 7, 2022.

During Ghasemi’s arrest, law enforcement discovered a substantial sum of cash and a white Nokia phone, which received a call from the BOSS county line while officers were present.

Upon arresting Gwyer, officers found Class A drugs and cash in his possession, which he admitted were proceeds from the day’s drug transactions. He also had multiple mobile phones in his possession.

A search of their hotel room led to the discovery of two additional individuals, Shaun Harper, 30, residing on Braintree Road in Portsmouth, and Steven Tunbridge, 29, residing on Estella Road in Portsmouth. Harper attempted to escape through a window, while Tunbridge was found hiding in the bathroom. Both were subsequently apprehended.

Inside the hotel room, authorities found over 500 wraps of Class A drugs, a substantial amount of cash, and multiple mobile phones. Notably, one of the phones was discovered in the toilet, seemingly in an attempt to destroy evidence, and was confirmed to be connected to the BOSS county line.

All four individuals were arrested and subsequently charged with involvement in the supply of crack cocaine and heroin.

During sentencing at Lewes Crown Court, Ghasemi was sentenced to two years in prison, while in a separate hearing on June 23, Harper received a five-year prison term, Tunbridge was sentenced to three years and three months, and Gwyer received an 18-month suspended sentence, valid for two years.

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