Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Notorious drug dealer sentenced to over four years in Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove witnessed a significant victory in the ongoing fight against drug-related crimes as Tyler Katemauswa, a notorious drug dealer, was sentenced to over four years in prison. The 21-year-old, formerly residing on Wordsworth Street in Hove, was apprehended in September 2021 following a vigilant citizen’s report of drug dealing near the suspect’s residence.

Officers promptly responded to the tip-off and witnessed Katemauswa engaging in drug transactions. A pursuit ensued, leading to the suspect’s capture on Wilbury Road. The subsequent search of the immediate vicinity revealed drug packages and multiple mobile phones, establishing grounds for charging Katemauswa with possession with intent to supply Class A drugs.

Further investigations conducted at his residence unearthed additional evidence, including Class A drugs, drug-related paraphernalia, and weapons. A thorough examination of the suspect’s mobile phones revealed his direct involvement as the operator of the OSCAR deal line. The messages retrieved from the devices not only confirmed his drug-dealing activities but also highlighted his targeting of potential drug users through advertisements.

Despite being released under investigation, the OSCAR deal line reactivated, and call data demonstrated its mobility, coinciding with Katemauswa’s changes in address within Brighton and Hove. In January 2022, the suspect was rearrested for an unrelated matter, during which his mobile phone once again provided links to drug dealing activities, albeit under a different number.

Consequently, Katemauswa faced multiple charges, including possession with intent to supply heroin and crack cocaine, as well as being involved in the supply of these substances. On May 30, he appeared before Hove Crown Court, where he pleaded guilty to all charges and received a 51-month prison sentence.

Expressing her satisfaction with the outcome, Detective Inspector Dee Wells remarked, “Tyler Katemauswa was a well-established drug supplier in Brighton and Hove, who exhibited a clear commitment to reoffending even while under investigation for other crimes.” She emphasized that removing such dangerous individuals from the streets and disrupting the flow of harmful substances into the community would make Brighton and Hove an even safer place.

The case also highlighted the crucial role of public cooperation in combatting crime. Detective Inspector Wells urged residents to report any suspicious activities or concerns in their neighborhoods to the police promptly. Reporting can be done online or via the non-emergency hotline 101, while emergencies should always be reported by dialing 999.

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