Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Shoreham All-Weather Lifeboat Launches to Assist Distressed Yacht near Brighton

Shoreham’s all-weather lifeboat sprang into action on Saturday afternoon following an urgent call at 4:45 pm. The lifeboat crew swiftly launched to aid a distressed 27-foot yacht that had broken down off the coast of Brighton, with three individuals on board.

Responding to the distress call the Shoreham all-weather lifeboat reached the scene promptly. They found the yacht stranded and unable to proceed under its own power, posing a potential safety risk to those on board.

The lifeboat crew secured a towline to the disabled vessel. They then embarked on a careful and steady journey, guiding the yacht towards the safety of Brighton Marina entrance.

Upon reaching the marina entrance, the responsibility for completing the tow was handed over to the Marina workboat. The crew of the work boat took charge and efficiently guided the yacht back to its designated moorings.

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