Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Stingy situation: Compass jellyfish leaves Kemp Town residents all tentacled up

Kevin Pope had an unexpected encounter on Friday morning when he came across a Chrysaora hysoscella, commonly referred to as a compass jellyfish, while in the waters off Kemp Town. These particular jellyfish are identifiable by their brown markings and are known to possess a venomous sting, which often results in leaving a tentacle behind after contact.

The Wildlife Trusts, an organization focused on wildlife conservation, have verified that compass jellyfish have the ability to continue stinging even after their tentacle is detached. Once an individual is stung, the jellyfish can employ the disconnected tentacle to deliver additional stings independently from its main body.

Kevin described his experience, stating, “This one actually stung me on the leg. It felt similar to a nettle sting.”

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