£60,000 Cash and Drugs Seized in Sussex Police’s Raids

Coordinated operation targets organised crime and drug supply networks.

Sussex Police Seize Over £60,000 in Drugs and Cash
Photo - Sussex Police

In a significant crackdown on drug-related crime, Sussex Police’s West Sussex Community Investigation Team (CIT) executed a series of coordinated raids across the region on Wednesday, 26 June. The operation, acting on intelligence, targeted addresses in Arundel, Brighton, Crawley, Peacehaven, and Shoreham, resulting in the seizure of thousands of pounds worth of drugs.

The extensive operation saw 11 warrants and searches carried out, leading to the arrest of eight individuals connected to the importation and supply of cannabis. These individuals have been released on bail as investigations continue.

The haul from the raids included over a kilogram of cannabis, more than £60,000 in cash, weapons, class A drugs, and vehicles. Hundreds of officers participated in the operation, underscoring the scale and seriousness of the crackdown on the importation of drugs from overseas.

Detective Inspector Gary Jacobs highlighted the importance of the operation, stating, “The day of action shows our robust stance on organised drug crime and the importance of CIT in reducing drug-related harm in our communities. Our officers and staff worked extremely hard on the day to ensure arrests were made and key evidence was recovered on the day.”

He further emphasized CIT’s commitment to tackling drug crime, adding, “CIT will investigate every warrant and do our best to charge suspects and put them before the courts.”

This operation marks a significant step in Sussex Police’s ongoing efforts to disrupt county drug lines and tackle organised crime, reflecting their dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

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