Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Coastguard responds to cliffside cries for help in Hastings

An urgent operation was set into motion Sunday evening (4th of June 2023) following numerous reports from the public who heard cries for help echoing from the cliffs in Hastings Country Park.

Due to the technical nature of the potential rope rescue, reinforcements were required, leading to a joint operation with HM Coastguard Rye Bay and a flank station. A potentially dangerous situation was deescalated through effective coordination between the Coastguard and the public.

The public was instrumental in providing a WhatThreeWords location from where the cries were heard, despite the inability to pinpoint the exact position of the person in distress. Consequently, an inshore lifeboat from RNLI Hastings Lifeboat Station was deployed to conduct a meticulous shoreline search, while Coastguard Rescue Officers executed a thorough search atop the cliffs.

The victim was eventually located amidst dense vegetation and in a precarious position. Utilising their extensive local area knowledge, the Coastguard Rescue Officers were able to access the individual on foot. They successfully escorted the individual back to the car park, from where he was able to continue his journey home safely.

The public’s prompt action in dialling 999 and requesting the Coastguard upon hearing cries for help was commended as exactly the right course of action.

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