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Doctor jailed for sexually assaulting patient

Simon Abraham, a doctor employed at Eastbourne District General Hospital, has been sentenced to imprisonment after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a patient at her home. The incident occurred in October 2020, shortly after the woman had received treatment for severe headaches at the hospital.

In a deceitful manner, Abraham contacted the woman, claiming that a concerned colleague had informed him about her condition. He further asserted that he possessed specialized massage skills acquired during a two-year training in India. The patient, trusting his words, agreed to his visit.

However, during the massage session, Abraham took advantage of the vulnerable situation and sexually assaulted the patient. He abruptly left when a visitor arrived at the house but continued to harass the woman with phone calls afterward. Disturbed by the traumatic experience, she reached out to the hospital for assistance, and they advised her to contact the police for further investigation.

Detective Constable Jo Gledhill emphasized the seriousness of the offense, mentioning how Abraham exploited the victim’s pain, illegally accessed her patient information, and visited her outside official medical channels. Despite initially denying the allegations, Abraham eventually admitted to visiting the woman’s house but denied any sexual misconduct.

The court proceedings lasted for four days, resulting in a guilty verdict for sexual assault on a female. As a consequence, Simon Abraham, 34, residing in Penrith Way, Eastbourne, received an 18-month prison sentence, with nine months to be served in custody and the remaining nine months on license after release.

Additionally, Abraham will be included in the sex offenders’ register for a period of ten years. To safeguard the victim from any further contact, he is also subject to a five-year restraining order. Law enforcement emphasizes that they take such reports seriously, and specialized officers are available to handle such cases, urging other victims to come forward and report any sexual assault incidents for thorough investigation.

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