Monday, June 5, 2023
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Lifeboat crew comes to the rescue of injured Birling Gap Coastguard member

A member of the Birling Gap Coastguard team was taken to hospital Monday night after breaking their ankle during a police-assisted operation. The Eastbourne Inshore Lifeboat was launched at 19:35 hours to aid the injured emergency services worker.

The Birling Gap team had been called in to help the police with an incident that occurred earlier in the day. While the details of the incident remain undisclosed, it is evident that it necessitated the expertise of the Birling Gap team.

Tragically, during the course of their mission, one team member sustained a broken ankle, rendering them unable to continue with their duties. Recognising the severity of the injury and location it was decided by the coastguard control room to request the Inshore Lifeboat provide assistance.

The lifeboat crew reached the injured team member. Upon arrival, the crew provided initial medical care before carefully transferring the patient to the lifeboat. They then made their way back to the shore, where the injured worker attended the hospital for further treatment.

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