Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Motorboat with two passengers and Dog rescued by RNLI

In a back-to-back operation on Wednesday, the RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat proved its mettle as it answered two emergency calls in quick succession.

First on the list was a 41ft motorboat, which faced potential catastrophe as it began taking on water south-west of Shoreham Harbour. On board were two passengers and a canine companion. Quick to respond, the lifeboat crew made their way to the vessel in distress. Two of the lifeboat crew members bravely boarded the sinking motorboat, managing not only to locate the source of the water ingress but to fix the leak as well.

Following the on-the-spot repair, the lifeboat crew didn’t just leave things to chance. Ensuring the safety of all on board the motorboat, they escorted the vessel to the sanctuary of Brighton Marina.

However, the day’s efforts were far from over for these heroes of the high seas. No sooner had they returned to the station, a new emergency rang out. This time, two individuals were reported in difficulty west of Worthing Pier. As the lifeboat sped towards the location, they received news that the two people had managed to get ashore safely on their own.

The RNLI later noted that the call, though it turned out to be non-critical, was made with “good intent.”

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