Monday, July 15, 2024
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Seaford Fossil Hunters Dig Deep, Despite Falling Warnings

Following our report on three recent cliff falls in the Seaford Head area, it appears that the risk of such collapses has done little to deter certain individuals. Despite explicit warnings from local authorities and the inherent danger posed by the unstable cliffs, groups of fossil hunters have been spotted searching for fossils in the chalk deposits along the beach directly beneath the recent falls.

Cliff fall one of three on 14/02/2024 Seaford Head

Seaford Head, renowned for its stunning natural beauty and geological significance, attracts fossil enthusiasts eager to discover remnants of ancient marine life embedded in the chalk. However, the allure of these geological treasures seems to outweigh the perceived risks for some, as they venture into dangerous areas to explore the freshly exposed cliff faces.

In response to the recent incidents, emergency services and the local council have renewed their calls for public caution, urging visitors to enjoy the area’s natural and historical features from a safe distance.

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