Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Surfers lose a board whilst rescuing persons cut off by the tide below the Seven Sister’s

Birling Gap Coastguard were called in to action for the second time on Tuesday after the being alerted by surfers to two people cut off by the tide below the Seven Sister’s.

The coastguard who had recently been stood down from a previous incident were deployed.

The surfers aided the two casualties to a safe position and then were handed over in to the care of the Coastguard.

During the rescue one of the surfers lost their surfboard.

Newhaven lifeboat was also paged at 2:05pm, we understand it was stood down shortly after leaving port.

Photo – Alan FRASER @apoliticaleye

Birling Gap Coastguard said “Great respect to the surfers and hope you located your abandoned board!”

“The two rescued were very grateful to the surfer’s and all involved.”

The coastguard would like to remind people to check the tide times before walking beneath the cliffs.

You can find the Tide times for Sussex on our Coast News Page updated daily at https://sussex.news/sussex-coast-news/

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