VIDEO: Asteroid impacts Earth over the English channel

A rare Airburst was spotted at 3am in the English Channel off the coast of Sussex, UK

Videos credited to Sussex News with permission of Emma Royston, Krisztina Almasi-Tucknott Arps, Karen Pettitt, Paul Evans, Jamie Ware and Daniel Moon

The European Space Agency said “A 1-meter meteoroid (small #asteroid) has been detected and is expected to *safely* strike Earth’s atmosphere over northern France between 3:50-4:03 CET. In the area? Look out for a ShootingStar,

“This is just the seventh time an asteroid impact has ever been predicted before it happens – a sign of the rapid advancements in global asteroid detection capabilities!”

A meteor air burst is a type of air burst in which a meteor explodes after entering a planetary body’s atmosphere. This fate leads them to be called fireballs or bolides, with the brightest air bursts known as superbolides. Such meteoroids were originally asteroids and comets of a few to several tens of meters in diameter. This separates them from the much smaller and far more common “shooting stars”, that usually burn up quickly upon atmospheric entry.

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