Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Domestic abuser Shaun Kent handed 32-month prison sentence

Brighton man Shaun Kent, 31, has been sentenced to 32 months in prison after subjecting his former partner, named only as Darcy, to four years of domestic abuse and controlling behaviour. Lewes Crown Court heard how Kent, a bricklayer from Sandhurst Road in Brighton, took control of many aspects of Darcy’s life and subjected her to both physical and psychological attacks.

Kent routinely abused Darcy, deleting her social media accounts and turning up unannounced at social occasions. On many occasions, he behaved violently and threateningly. Kent even targeted Darcy’s surgery scars as they healed, causing significant and long-lasting injuries.

The controlling behaviour was part of a concerted effort to stop his victim from speaking to other men, including members of her own family. When Darcy was out of his reach, he would bombard her with texts and phone calls.

In a victim impact statement, Darcy told the court that Kent “completely destroyed my self-worth” and that he had severed all contact with her friends, torn her family apart, and left her unemployed and isolated.

Kent was arrested in February 2019, but soon broke his bail conditions by impersonating a man who was a friend of Darcy’s in an attempt to convince her to drop the allegations. He arranged a meeting, and when Darcy arrived, she saw that it was Kent in his car.

He was subsequently charged with engaging in coercive and controlling behaviour, causing actual bodily harm, intimidating a witness, sexual assault, and assault by beating. On Friday, March 17th, Kent pleaded guilty to all charges except sexual assault, which the court ordered to remain on file.

In sentencing Kent, the judge handed down a 32-month prison term and a restraining order.

Concluding her victim impact statement, Darcy said: “There are still dark days and the feeling of sadness that I carry with me. I want Kent to know that he did not ruin me and that he in fact is, was and forever shall be a woman beater and a monster of a human being.

“I may still have to live with the memory of what you did to me but I am a survivor of your abuse. I hope that you are never given the opportunity to do this again and I hope that no other women will have to suffer like I did.”

Investigations Supervisor Sharon Rintoul said: “The account shared by Darcy of her abuse at the hands of Shaun Kent demonstrates the devastating impact domestic abuse has on the lives of victims and their families.

“The bravery she has shown in supporting this investigation through to prosecution, addressing her abuser directly in court and seeing him put behind bars cannot be overstated.

“I would like to thank her for that bravery and reaffirm Sussex Police’s commitment to combating violence against women and girls, bringing perpetrators of domestic abuse to justice and safeguarding their victims.”

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