Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Donkey-napped: Little Moon Abducted from Miller’s Ark Farm

In a despicable act of animal cruelty, heartless thieves have snatched little Moon, an innocent baby donkey, from the fields of Miller’s Ark in Hampshire. The farm is left devastated and deeply concerned for Moon’s well-being, as she was just a few months old and relies on her mother for survival.

Tonight, the air will be filled with the pitiful brays of little Moon, who will be longing for her mother’s presence.

The farm’s management issues an urgent appeal to the conscience of those who took part in this callous crime or anyone who possesses information about Moon’s whereabouts. The compassionate thing to do is to return her to the farm tonight, where she can be swiftly reunited with her distressed mother.

Hampshire Police have assigned crime number 44230191581 to this heart-wrenching incident. They implore anyone with vital information to immediately contact them at 101, providing hope for Moon’s safe return.

Furthermore, as Moon is still young, it is imperative that she has her little coats on to shield her from the elements. Those who wrongfully possess her are urged to prioritise her welfare and ensure she remains warm and comfortable.

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