From groceries to ganja: ‘Bag for Life’ conceals cannabis stash

In a recent operation, police apprehended two individuals and confiscated a substantial quantity of cannabis, valued at thousands of pounds. The incident unfolded at an address in the Gossops Green district of Crawley on September 19.

The initial objective was to locate an individual who had failed to appear in court as mandated. Upon arriving at the residence, officers from the Specialist Enforcement Unit observed a man within, who appeared to be attempting to conceal potential evidence.

Taking immediate action, the officers entered the premises and took the man into custody under suspicion of involvement in the distribution of a class B drug.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that a significant stash of cannabis had been cleverly concealed in a “bag for life,” which the individual had surreptitiously placed beneath a bed in his mother’s bedroom. Additionally, a cool box was found containing yet another substantial quantity of the same class B drug, meticulously packaged in small bags for distribution.

Simultaneously, another individual was arrested in close proximity to the residence on suspicion of both failing to attend court and involvement in the distribution of a class B drug. These two 29-year-old suspects have been released on bail as the investigation continues to unfold.

Detective Chief Inspector Karrie Bohanna said: “The two men arrested, had unsuccessfully tried to conceal a large quantity of drugs inside the house when police attended. Those drugs have been seized.

“This case highlights our determination to catch criminals and disrupt the supply of drugs which causes so much harm in our communities.”

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