Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Gatwick Faces daily cancellations as EasyJet axes 1,700 summer flights

EasyJet, the largest budget airline in Britain, has caused significant travel disruptions by canceling 1,700 summer flights. These cancellations primarily impact flights at its main base, London Gatwick, where daily cancellations have become a recurring challenge.

Over the past few weeks, hundreds of flights to and from Gatwick Airport have been abruptly canceled, prompting easyJet to inform 180,000 passengers scheduled to travel in July, August, and September that their flights have been grounded.

While easyJet has managed to rebook 95 percent of the affected travelers onto alternative flights within their network, approximately 9,000 passengers are still without a replacement flight. The airline attributes these disruptions to “unprecedented” air-traffic control delays, which it claims are three times longer than before the pandemic. Despite these difficulties, easyJet emphasizes that it has a fully staffed crew, with more pilots and cabin crew available than ever before.

In a single day, Saturday, easyJet was forced to cancel over 40 flights to and from Gatwick, adversely affecting more than 6,000 passengers. The airline’s decision to cancel flights extends throughout July, August, and September, impacting travel to and from Gatwick Airport.

EasyJet cites constrained airspace over Europe and ongoing air traffic control challenges as the primary reasons for the regular cancellations. The company confirms that 95% of the affected passengers have been successfully rebooked onto alternative flights.

This announcement from easyJet coincides with the upcoming summer holidays when many schools in England and Wales are preparing to break up.

EasyJet clarifies that their cancellations account for approximately one day’s worth of flights. Despite these cancellations, the airline still plans to operate around 90,000 journeys during the affected period.

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