Monday, May 29, 2023
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Hundreds Rally in Bexhill to Protest Asylum Seeker Center Plans

In a show of solidarity, hundreds of people assembled in Bexhill on Sea to voice their opposition to plans for establishing an asylum seeker center at a disused prison nearby. The demonstration, organized by the No to Northeye campaign, aimed at conveying residents concerns regarding the proposed facility.

Video – Alan FRASER @apoliticaleye

Since the announcement of the plans in March, there have been several peaceful protests outside the Town Hall, as reported by Sussex News. On Saturday morning, demonstrators converged near the Little Common roundabout before embarking on a march toward the town center. Once there, they gathered outside the town hall, prominently displaying signs that read “No To Northeye.”

The crowd’s frustration escalated due to the noticeable absence of their local Member of Parliament, Huw Merriman, who represents the Bexhill and Battle constituency as a Conservative MP. Protesters expressed their disappointment over his lack of engagement with his constituents regarding this divisive issue. Their discontent was further fueled by the belief that their concerns were not adequately addressed or acknowledged by their elected representative.

The protest was marked by a strong sense of unity, as individuals from various backgrounds and communities came together to express their opposition to the asylum seeker center plans. Their gathering demonstrated a shared concern for the potential impact of the facility on the local area and its residents.

Photo – Alan FRASER @apoliticaleye

The No to Northeye campaign aims to raise awareness and engage in meaningful dialogue with local authorities and decision-makers regarding alternative solutions for addressing the asylum seeker situation. They seek to ensure that the concerns and interests of the community are taken into account before any final decisions are made.

As the campaign continues, the organisers and participants remain dedicated to voicing their opposition in a peaceful and constructive manner. Their hope is that their concerns will be heard and that alternative solutions will be explored to address the needs of asylum seekers while taking into account the concerns of the local community in Bexhill on Sea.

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