Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Man in distress rescued at Bognor beach

At 4:33 pm on Wednesday, 16th August, Selsey’s Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) was promptly dispatched following a UK Coastguard alert about a man in distress near Bognor Pier, visibly struggling and calling for assistance.

Simultaneously, the Coastguard had dispatched the Helicopter Rescue 175, which was already in flight, and notified the RNLI lifeguards stationed at Bognor beach. By 4:37 pm, reports confirmed that the individual had been safely brought to shore by these lifeguards.

While the Rescue 175 helicopter hovered overhead, it made a landing on the beach, allowing an onboard winchman paramedic to aid the lifeguards in attending to the individual. Additionally, the KSS helimed 21 was en route to provide further support.

The scene was calm, with a wind force of 1, a smooth sea state, and clear, sunny conditions.

Given the crowded beach, the ILB was directed to assist with managing the public. However, once the SECAmb ambulance team took charge of the rescued individual’s care, both the ILB and Rescue 175 were given the signal to stand down at 5:04 pm.

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