Friday, March 31, 2023
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Newhaven Coastguard Team Assists Ambulance in Casualty Evacuation near Cuckmere Coastguard Cottages

Newhaven Coastguard Team was called into action on Tuesday March 7th, 2023, after receiving an urgent request for assistance from the ambulance services. The incident occurred close to the Coastguard Cottages in Cuckmere, where a person had slipped and possibly broken their ankle.

The casualty, whose identity has not been disclosed, was in need of medical attention and required evacuation from the scene. Upon receiving the call, the Newhaven Coastguard team responded swiftly to the emergency, making their way to the location.

Using their expert knowledge and training, the coastguard team worked closely with the ambulance crew to ensure that the casualty was stabilized and prepared for transport.

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