Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Rock solid rescue: Selsey Coastguard paws-itively saves trapped dog

At 1:34 pm today (2/06/2023) Selsey Coastguard team swiftly responded to distressing reports of a dog trapped within the rock armour at the seafront of Seal Bay Resort in Selsey. The courageous rescue operation took place after the dog accidentally slipped between the rocks, prompting concerns for its safety.

Upon arrival at the scene, the highly skilled Coastguard team conducted a rapid assessment of the situation. Recognising the risk of the dog descending further into the treacherous crevasses of the rock armour, they proceeded with caution to ensure a safe rescue operation. With their expertise and dedication, the Coastguard team successfully extricated the stranded Border Collie and joyfully reunited it with its relieved owners.

The fortunate outcome brought immense relief, as Gus the Collie expressed his gratitude for the rescue. Remarkably, the dog displayed no visible injuries from the fall and confinement within the rock armour, much to the delight of everyone involved. Gus’s safe return to his owners marked the end of a harrowing episode.

In light of this incident, the Selsey Coastguard issued a timely reminder to the public to avoid venturing onto the rock armour at the beach. The rocks can become extremely slippery, and hidden deep holes pose a significant risk of severe injuries or entrapment. Additionally, pet owners are urged to keep their dogs on a lead and prevent them from accessing the hazardous rocks.

In case of emergencies at sea, on the beach, or along the coast, it is crucial to dial ☎️ 9️⃣9️⃣9️⃣ and request immediate assistance from the Coastguard.

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