Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Sussex Indian restaurant has a ghee matter to clear up after widow spots dead husband eating a Curry

Social media has been going crazy for Spice Cioattage Indian Restaurant in Westbourne, West Sussex near Chichester after 59-year-old Lucy Watson swears that can see her husband in a new social media ad for Spice Cottage. The problem is, her husband died in 2014.

She was so confident that it was her husband that she reached out to the Spice Cottage to ask how old the footage was, who informed her it was only recorded a couple of weeks ago.

Ms Watson told the MailOnline: ‘I don’t really use Facebook apart from snooping on friends or catching up with people. I was scrolling through and the video popped up.

‘The moment I saw the thing I thought “Oh my God – that’s Harry”. It was so instant. I didn’t even have to think. He’d be eating a chicken korma because that’s all he ever ate.’

The managers of Spice Cottage Bodrul Islam & Rofiqul Islam posted a photo and said

We have a ghee matter we would like to close.

The photo below is our customer that was captured in one of our recent promo video. We can confirm he is not Lucy’s husband.

As much as we wish our curries bring people out of kormas, unfortunately, this was not the case.

Our video has spread through all corners of the world, and it has been a pleasure of meeting the customers who have cumin this week!

If you are ever in the village of Westbourne, please pop in, there’s never a dhall moment in our restaurant

Photo – Spice Cottage

Bodrul Islam also said on Social Media:

“In regards to the incident regarding the Lucy Watson comment and her interview (in the Daily Mail), we would like to clarify some misunderstandings.

run the social media side of the business and recorded a promotional video to portray our new wooden tables and interior refurbishment. The refurbishment was completed in early January 2023 and the promotional video highlights these changes. All videos used in the video were recorded w/c 9th January 2023.

Before January 2023, all of our tables were covered by white and red cloths, henceforth it is evident this footage is recent.

This is a very unusual situation and we hope this clarifies any confusion.”

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