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Hove Home Saved from Garden Blaze

Firefighters employ strategic measures to control fire, safeguarding Hove neighborhood.

A potentially devastating fire in Hove was averted thanks to the prompt and efficient response of the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (ESFRS). On the evening of April 5th, firefighters rushed to a residence on Wordsworth Street after a garden fire alarmingly spread to an adjacent house.

Wordsworth Street, Hove, as a fiery fiesta erupted in a garden,
Photo – ImJustBrighton

The incident, which unfolded at 8.43 pm, saw flames leap from the garden area to the structure of the home, prompting immediate action from the emergency teams. The ESFRS deployed a strategic response, utilizing four sets of breathing apparatus, a main jet, and water from a nearby fire hydrant to combat the fire effectively.

A spokesman for ESFRS said: “We used four breathing apparatus, a main jet and a local fire hydrant to extinguish the fire. Crews left the scene at 9.51pm and there were no casualties.”

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