Illegal Passenger Discharge on A27 Leads to Court Sentence for Tesla Driver

Photo - Sussex Police

A driver who let passengers out on an active two-lane highway has faced legal consequences.

Helen Phadnis was operating a Tesla on the A27 near Falmer when she allowed her passengers to exit onto the roadway.

This action caused a motorcyclist following the car to halt abruptly, enabling the passengers to reach the side grass area.

Discharging passengers on a high-speed dual carriageway is both illegal and perilously unsafe.

The Sussex Police’s Traffic Division is highlighting this case outcome to deter similar risky behaviors on the A27 at Falmer, especially during Brighton and Hove Albion’s Premier League games or events at Stanmer Park.

Phadnis, a 43-year-old resident of Shirley Drive, Hove, pled guilty to careless driving and received her sentence through a Single Justice Procedure at the Hastings Magistrates’ Court on December 8.

The incident in question occurred on the eastbound side of the highway near Falmer on May 8 of this year.

The court ordered Phadnis to pay a £640 fine, a £256 surcharge, and £90 in costs. Additionally, five penalty points were added to her driving record.

Sergeant Eaton from the Roads Policing Unit said: “Allowing passengers to alight on the A27 is extremely dangerous.

Their presence on the carriageway with live lanes of traffic puts all road users at risk.

“Any motorists (including taxis) seen allowing their passengers to alight will be prosecuted.

“This is a particular concern on Brighton and Hove Albion match days and when there are events at Stanmer Park. This case demonstrates that courts take a dim view of these offences, and offenders will be punished accordingly.”

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