Northern Lights Dazzle Over Sussex in Rare Display

The skies above Sussex offered a rare glimpse of the aurora borealis, thrilling local stargazers.

Northern Lights above gatwick
Photo - Sussex / Gatwick Police

In an extraordinary celestial display, the Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, graced the skies above Sussex, bringing with them a wave of excitement and wonder. This rare event captivated stargazers not only along the south coast of England but across the entire UK.

The stunning visuals from last night were shared widely by enthralled onlookers who managed to capture the ethereal beauty of the lights. The auroras were visible due to one of the strongest geomagnetic storms in recent years, which impacted Earth following a solar storm warning issued by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Northern Lights above @RAFBenson
Photo – @NPASSouthEast

Such geomagnetic disturbances enhance the probability of witnessing the Northern Lights, a spectacle typically reserved for higher latitudes. The vibrant colors dancing across the night sky offered a unique visual experience rarely seen so far south in England.

If you missed this awe-inspiring phenomenon, there’s good news. The conditions allowing for the Northern Lights to be seen so clearly are expected to persist, and another viewing opportunity is anticipated this coming Saturday night. Sky watchers and photography enthusiasts are encouraged to find a dark spot away from city lights for the best viewing experience.

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