Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Sprite Goes Starkers in UK Trial for a Cleaner Recycling Strip-Down

In an environmentally conscious move, Coca-Cola has initiated a groundbreaking trial in the UK, unveiling a new design for Sprite bottles that eschews traditional labels to facilitate easier recycling. This pioneering initiative, set to run from January to March 2024, features Sprite and Sprite Zero bottles with their labels removed, showcasing an embossed logo on the front and laser-engraved details on the back. Made from clear, 100% recycled plastic, these “naked” bottles aim to simplify the recycling process and reduce packaging waste.

The trial, limited to twelve Tesco Express Stores across Brighton, Bristol, London, and Manchester, represents Coca-Cola’s commitment to tackling the global packaging waste crisis. By eliminating the need to separate labels from bottles during recycling, Coca-Cola is not only reducing the volume of packaging material but also advancing its sustainability goals. The initiative is part of Coca-Cola’s broader World Without Waste strategy, which includes ambitious targets like innovating bottle design, lightening packaging weight, and ensuring that every bottle or can sold is collected and recycled by 2030.

Sprite’s label-free bottles, distinguishable by their colored caps (green for Sprite and transparent with a black tint for Sprite Zero), maintain the brand’s signature great taste. This initiative is just one facet of Coca-Cola’s comprehensive approach to sustainability, which also involves removing colored plastics from its bottles, attaching caps to prevent litter, and investing in lighter, more sustainable packaging solutions.

Available in Tesco Express Brighton Jubilee Street and Hove Western Road

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