Controlled Burn Tactic Used by ESFRS in Beachy Head Road Tractor Fire Incident

Photo - Eastbourne Coastguard

In a turn of events during their routine operations on Friday 22nd of December morning, Eastbourne Coastguard became the first responders to a tractor fire. The incident occurred while the team was conducting their routine checks.

Upon encountering the blazing tractor, the Coastguard team contacted emergency services, requesting the assistance of the local fire brigade.

While waiting for the fire service to arrive, the Coastguard played a crucial role in managing traffic around the incident site, ensuring both the safety of the public and a clear path for emergency vehicles.

Unfortunately, the fire escalated rapidly, resulting in the total loss of the tractor’s haystacks. However, due to the quick response of the emergency teams and the effective coordination on the scene, no injuries were reported.

A spokesperson for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (ESFRS) reported, “At 12.20pm, we responded to a call regarding a tractor fire on Beachy Head Road, East Dean, located on the main road.

“The incident involved a blaze engulfing 15 tonnes of hay and a trailer, with our fire crews actively on the scene.

“Our approach is to manage the fire in a controlled manner, applying a continuous water jet for safety.”

There have been no casualties from this incident, and it’s noted that Sussex Police are also present at the location.

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