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‘County Lines’ criminal behind bars for Eastbourne drug distribution

A drug dealer involved in the “county lines” operation, which supplied heroin and crack cocaine to Eastbourne, has been jailed.

23-year-old Junior Grah confessed to involvement in the distribution of heroin and crack cocaine, possession of the latter, and carrying a sharp object.

On Thursday, 12 October, at Lewes Crown Court, Grah received a sentence of five years and seven months behind bars.

The arrest occurred in Mitcham in September 2022, after a combined probe by the Sussex and Metropolitan Police into the ‘Avon’ drug distribution network.

A county line typically refers to a single mobile number employed to circulate drugs from major cities to smaller towns. In this instance, the ‘Avon’ line was identified as a source supplying narcotics to susceptible individuals in Eastbourne.

Upon his arrest, Grah had two mobile phones and two SIM cards, with one containing the ‘Avon’ drug line number. Extracted messages from these gadgets aligned with Class A drug dealings.

Residing in Fernlea Road, Mitcham, Grah acknowledged his crimes on 15 December 2022 and was held in detention before his final sentencing.

Investigating officer DC Pollard of the Project Adder team, said: “Junior Grah was the holder of the ‘Avon’ county drug line and was therefore responsible for selling harmful drugs to vulnerable people.

“This sentence will significantly disrupt that supply chain and help prevent the distribution of Class A drugs in our community.

“We are committed to tackling drug-dealing and the associated crime it can bring. We hope this result will further protect those at risk of harm and highlight the serious consequences of such illegal activity.”

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