Peacehaven’s Meridian Centre Closes, Leaving Town Without Major Supermarket

The Meridian Centre, a landmark in the heart of Peacehaven, closed its doors for the last time on Saturday, marking the end of an era for the community it has served since April 1979. The closure of the Co-op, the last operating store in the centre, at 5 pm on Saturday, has left residents with a sense of loss and nostalgia.

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For nearly 45 years, the Meridian Centre has been a hub of activity and commerce, playing a vital role in the daily lives of Peacehaven’s residents. Its closure has now left the town without a major supermarket, causing inconvenience and concern among the local population.

The site, however, is set for a transformation. Morrisons has purchased the property, and planning permission has been granted for a new supermarket. Construction is scheduled to start around Easter, but this development means the town will be without a major grocery store for approximately two years.

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In light of this, residents have voiced the need for a shuttle bus service to the Morrisons store in Seaford during the interim period. Recognizing the community’s concerns, Sussex News reached out to Morrisons for a statement.

A spokesperson for Morrisons responded, “We understand the anticipation of Peacehaven residents for a new supermarket in the town. We aim to provide a detailed update on our plans soon. The project has been several years in the making, but we are committed to starting construction by this Easter. In the meantime, residents can use for their grocery needs or visit our stores in Seaford or Brighton. We are also exploring the possibility of a temporary limited service and will update the community as soon as we can.”

The closure of the Meridian Centre and the anticipation of the new Morrisons store reflect the changing landscape of retail and community needs in Peacehaven. While the town adapts to this transition, the memories of the Meridian Centre and its role in the community will undoubtedly linger in the hearts of many.

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