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Brother of Clapham Chemical Attack Suspect Makes Emotional Plea for Surrender

In a recent development within the intensive search for Abdul Ezedi, his younger brother, Hassan Ezedi, aged 21, has issued a moving appeal for him to surrender. This plea follows a sequence of early morning operations by riot police in protective suits at Hassan’s residence in East London, highlighting the efforts to capture the 35-year-old accused. Abdul Ezedi is sought for his alleged role in a distressing chemical attack in Clapham, South West London, that severely injured a mother and her two daughters, alongside accusations of attempting to hit the mother with his vehicle.

Photo – UKNIP

Hassan Ezedi shared his torment, saying, “I would hand him over myself if I knew where he was. I’m not sure about his survival or whereabouts. Our last encounter was brief, a week ago; he wasn’t staying with me but was in Newcastle.”

The 31-year-old mother, previously acquainted with Ezedi, faces life-altering injuries from the ordeal and is critically ill in the hospital. Her daughters, aged three and eight, while still under medical care, are making positive recovery progress, with indications from medical staff that their injuries are not permanent.

Three courageous women who responded to assist the victims and consequently sustained burn injuries have been released from the hospital. Also, five police officers who received minor injuries during their service have been cleared to return to their duties.

Abdul Ezedi, known as an Afghan asylum seeker with a prior sex offense conviction, is reported to have suffered significant injuries to his face and right eye while journeying 291 miles from Newcastle to presumably conduct the assault. Despite a thorough manhunt and alerts at all transportation points, he continues to evade capture.

Security footage has placed Ezedi at King’s Cross station in central London, boarding a train on the Victoria Line southward, merely 90 minutes following the attack.

Photo – UKNIP

A crucial lead emerged as investigators found two containers with corrosive substance warnings at a Newcastle property, with ongoing forensic analysis to ascertain if they contain the same chemical used in the Clapham incident.

These findings suggest the chemical attack was preplanned, with Ezedi possibly transferring an alkaline substance, like oven cleaner, into two metallic flasks discovered at the crime scene.

Metropolitan Police Commander Jon Savell has called for Abdul Ezedi to give himself up and seek medical care. He further advised the public against approaching Ezedi and to immediately contact emergency services upon sighting him.

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