Hell’s Angels Trio Jailed for Violent Findon Assault

A violent encounter between rival motorcycle clubs culminates in significant prison terms.

Hell’s Angels Trio Jailed for Violent Findon Assault
Callum Shaw, Daniel Kent and Barry Brown.

Three Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club members, Callum Shaw, Barry Brown, and Daniel Kent, have been incarcerated for a total of 19 years due to their involvement in a brutal assault in Findon, shedding light on the ongoing rivalry with the Vikings Motorcycle Club.

The altercation, which took place on Findon Road on October 8, escalated when Hell’s Angels members exited their vehicles and launched an attack on the Vikings, reportedly as retaliation for an earlier incident where Vikings members allegedly stole Hell’s Angels’ gear at a Surrey service station.

The violent encounter, which resulted in severe injuries for a 52-year-old Vikings member from Harrow, was meticulously recorded, leading to the arrest of the assailants. The victim, who faced life-threatening injuries, has fortunately made a recovery.

Shaw, a 27-year-old with no fixed abode, faced the harshest penalty, receiving a 12-year sentence for GBH, burglary, violent disorder, and carrying a knife, with an additional five-year license extension due to the crime’s severity, as determined at Lewes Crown Court.

Brown and Kent faced the court on subsequent dates, with Brown receiving a three-year sentence for violent disorder and actual bodily harm, and Kent receiving a similar sentence, plus an additional year for a related burglary, highlighting the serious consequences of motorcycle gang violence.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Matt Watson, said: “This was a vicious attack and an incident which got out of hand very quickly.

“The significant sentences recognise the seriousness of the incident, which was in the middle of a busy street and had a profound impact on the local community. Nearby witnesses will no doubt still be affected and traumatised by what they saw.

“Shaw, Brown and Kent are dangerous individuals, and the streets are safer with them in prison.”

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