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Selsey Pavilion Opens Doors to Historical Journey

Local Enthusiast Meryn Woodland Shares Insight on Pavilion's Restoration Journey

In a display of local heritage and community spirit, Selsey resident Meryn Woodland recently shared her firsthand experience visiting the iconic Selsey Pavilion, a building steeped in history and currently undergoing an ambitious restoration project.

The Selsey Pavilion, a landmark that has stood the test of time since its inception in 1913, has recently been acquired by the Selsey Pavilion Trust. The Trust has taken on the monumental task of restoring the Pavilion to its former grandeur, a project that has now opened its doors to the public on Saturday mornings, allowing them to witness the transformation firsthand.

Meryn Woodland Explores Selsey's Pavilion's Grand
Photo – Wild and Woody Photography

During her visit, Woodland explored the architectural beauty of the Pavilion, designed by the renowned London architect Harold Arthur Woodington. She marveled at the stucco plaster facade, which has remarkably retained its original character despite the building’s tumultuous history, including a fire in 1926 that nearly consumed it.

Meryn Woodland Explores Selsey's Pavilion's Grand
Photo – Wild and Woody Photography

The Pavilion’s journey through time has seen it evolve from a beloved local venue to a full-time cinema and a hub for pantomimes until it closed its doors in 1974. This rich history resonates with residents like Woodland, who appreciate the building’s significance in Selsey’s cultural tapestry.

Through her eyes, we glimpse the dedication of the Selsey Pavilion Trust, tirelessly working to preserve this crucial piece of Selsey’s heritage. Their efforts not only involve physical restoration but also a campaign to raise funds and awareness, ensuring the Pavilion’s legacy endures for generations to come.

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