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Winds of Change: Brighton’s i360’s Turbine Upgrade to Spin Debt into Electricity

Powering Progress: i360 Plans Turbine Addition for Financial Stability

Brighton and Hove City Council, in a bold move to address its financial conundrum, has unveiled a plan to convert the iconic British Airways i360 tower into a colossal wind turbine. The council’s innovative strategy aims to tackle the outstanding debts incurred from the tower’s construction by harnessing the power of wind energy.

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The i360, renowned for offering unparalleled views of the Sussex coast and beyond, will undergo a dramatic transformation. The tower’s observation pod is set to stay with massive turbine blades of 50m installed at the top, akin to those seen on offshore wind farms, marking a significant pivot to sustainable energy production.

Council officials explain that the financial upkeep of the i360 has become unsustainable. This prompted the exploration of alternative revenue streams, culminating in the decision to turn the tower into a green energy powerhouse. The transformed i360 will feature blades spanning 50m meters, designed to rotate with the wind and generate electricity on an industrial scale.

Brighton wind 1360
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The electricity produced by the i360 turbine will be fed into the local grid, with projections indicating that it could power thousands of homes in Brighton and Hove. This transition not only aims to offset the tower’s debts but also contributes significantly to the city’s renewable energy targets.

While the conversion signifies a departure from the i360’s original purpose, council representatives assure that the tower will retain its iconic status, now symbolising Brighton’s commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability. The project is set to go before planners on April 25th, with the new turbine expected to be operational by the year’s end, marking a new chapter in Brighton’s illustrious history as a city that boldly embraces change and forward-thinking initiatives.

The plans will go in front of the planning committee at the council in the next few months.

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