Baby Found in Supermarket Bag Shocks Old Bailey Trial

the remains of a baby have been discovered during the search for Constance marten and mark gardon’s missing child.

The trial of aristocrat Constance Marten at the Old Bailey took a grim turn with the presentation of distressing footage revealing the location of her newborn daughter’s remains in a Lidl supermarket bag.

The infant, named Victoria, was discovered deceased in an abandoned shed not far from where Marten and her partner, Mark Gordon, were staying. This revelation left the jury visibly shaken by the grim evidence.

For an extended period, Marten and Gordon withheld information on their daughter’s whereabouts, with Gordon showing frustration in police interviews and Marten choosing to remain silent. Eventually, after extensive questioning, the authorities located baby Victoria’s body hidden within a refuse-filled shopping bag in a shed in Brighton, East Sussex.

The court was tense as police bodycam footage was shown, documenting the moment officers uncovered the tragic scene. The footage showed the officers investigating a large red shopping bag on the shed’s floor, which eventually revealed the concealed body of the baby, though the video obscured the child’s remains. Officer testimony described the shock of discovering the infant’s body and the meticulous effort required to locate it amidst the bag’s contents.

PC Allen Ralph, involved in the search, recounted the overpowering odor from the shed and the horrifying discovery of the baby’s remains under layers of garbage. The jury was informed of the various items found with the body, including baby clothes, food wrappers, a bottle filled with petrol, and other debris, highlighting the tragic circumstances of the infant’s discovery.

Photo – UKNIP

The court also reviewed police interview transcripts with Marten and Gordon, who were both evasive and reluctant to share any details about their daughter.

Gordon’s interview demeanor was noted for his complaints of mistreatment and requests for medication, whereas Marten alternated between asking for rest and refusing to engage with investigators.

Marten, who comes from a privileged aristocratic family, appeared in court dressed in a pink top, alongside her mother, Virginie de Selliers. Gordon, in contrast, wore a pale blue shirt and dark tie, underscoring the differences in their backgrounds.

Both Marten and Gordon have pleaded not guilty to several charges, including manslaughter by gross negligence, concealment of birth, cruelty to a person under 16, and perverting the course of justice.

This six-week trial has captured public attention, revealing the heartbreaking details of baby Victoria’s death and her parents’ subsequent actions.

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