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Bleed Kits Now Available in Brighton for Immediate Trauma Care

In a move to enhance public safety, Brighton has seen the installation of two life-saving bleed control kits, a crucial step in the fight against serious injuries, especially those resulting from knife crime. These kits, strategically placed in West Street and at The Level, are designed to prevent catastrophic blood loss, a leading cause of death in traumatic injuries.

The initiative, funded by Sussex Police and the Sussex Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP), is a collaborative effort with Project Youth, a Community Interest Company (CIC) committed to diverting young individuals from knife crime. This partnership underlines a proactive approach to community safety and youth engagement.

Photo – Sussex Police

Crucially, these kits require no medical expertise for usage. In an emergency, individuals accessing the kits can dial 999 and receive immediate guidance from professionals. These experts will instruct on whether to seal, wrap, or pack a wound, ensuring prompt and effective first aid even before the arrival of ambulance services.

The kits, easily identifiable and accessible, contain essential medical supplies such as dressings, chest-seals, tourniquets, gloves, and scissors. Clear instructions are also provided inside the door of the kit for quick reference by any member of the public, facilitating immediate action in critical situations.

Sergeant James Ward from the Brighton Neighbourhood Policing Team emphasized the strategic placement of these kits in high-risk areas, noting previous incidents of serious violence and knife crime. He expressed the collective hope that these kits would remain unused, but acknowledged their importance as a protective measure for the public.

Additionally, six kits will be distributed to night-time venues, further extending the safety net for residents and visitors during evening hours.

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