Brighton Buses’ Lost & Found: From Umbrellas to Unescorted Cats

Stock Photo - @dmoonuk Sussex News

Brighton and Hove’s buses turned into unexpected treasure chests in 2023, with the city’s lost property team uncovering a bizarre array of forgotten belongings. From the mundane to the utterly astonishing, the collection paints a picture of the diverse and creative community that rides the city’s buses.

Common items like wallets, phones, keys, and winter wear were, as expected, frequently handed in. However, the list of lost items takes a turn for the extraordinary with the inclusion of 71 manual scooters – averaging more than one per week – and even five entire bicycles found aboard the city’s public transport.

The musical talent of Brighton and Hove’s residents was also evident, with lost property including four guitars, a silver flute, a harmonica, alongside drumsticks, guitar picks, sheet music, and empty instrument cases. Reflecting the city’s artistic flair, numerous pieces of artwork, including a full canvas painting, were also turned in.

Umbrellas topped the list with over 400 found, showcasing Brighton’s unpredictable weather, while the honesty of the city’s residents shone through with over £1,000 in cash being returned to its rightful owners.

Among the more peculiar finds were nine items of underwear, including a bra and a thong, and even a velvet pouch containing an adult toy, hinting at the unexpected stories of bus riders’ lives. Electronics were not spared, with a PS5 controller, a Nintendo Switch, a full VR headset, and over 100 sets of headphones among the items left behind. One bus driver even discovered an iron.

Larger forgotten items included golf clubs, a drying rack, an air mattress, and a giant cuddly elephant, adding to the intrigue. The list of oddities continued with a replica sword, a toilet seat, pom poms, and dentures.

Among the most baffling finds was a large suitcase containing three empty egg boxes, a large stuffed dog, a single shoe, six 3-foot pieces of wood, a dressing gown, and, most surprisingly, someone’s cat, which was thankfully safely returned to a local vet.

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