Brighton RNLI Crew Tows Yacht to Safety After Onboard Fire

Brighton Marina staff and Fire Brigade collaborate with RNLI crew to ensure safe resolution.

Brighton RNLI Crew Tows Yacht to Safety After Onboard Fire
Photo - Brighton RNLI

At 7:26 PM on Thursday, the volunteer crew from Brighton RNLI received an urgent call to assist a 30-foot yacht located one mile southeast of Brighton Marina. The distress call reported that a fire had broken out on board, which had been contained, but the yacht’s engine remained non-functional.

Upon arrival, the crew found a lone individual aboard the yacht, visibly shaken by the recent ordeal. The onboard crew member provided initial assistance and assessment of the situation. A towing line was swiftly attached, and the yacht was safely towed back to Brighton Marina.

Brian Noonan, Launch Authority for Brighton RNLI, emphasised the potential dangers of fires at sea, praising the yacht owner’s quick action in extinguishing the blaze. He urged all sailors to maintain readiness and ensure their fire extinguishers are regularly inspected.

Ben Hylands, RNLI volunteer and helm, recounted the cautious approach taken upon reaching the vessel, noting the lack of radio communication. After confirming the fire had been extinguished, the tow line was secured amidst challenging sea conditions. The crew navigated through considerable waves to guide the yacht safely back to Brighton Marina, where it was handed over to Marina staff and the Fire Brigade.

Following the successful mission, the crew was stood down at 9:14 PM, reflecting on the importance of swift and coordinated responses to maritime emergencies.

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