Brighton Woman Missing in Thailand Scuba Accident

Missing tourist Millie Young. Pic: Instagram

The British Foreign Office is currently extending its support to the family of Millie Young, a British national, following a scuba diving excursion that turned tragic off Thailand’s coast.

Near Ko Torinla Island in the Andaman Sea, an incident unfolded when a scuba diving boat, operated by the Sawan Tour company named  Reggae Queen, capsized. Millie Young, a 57-year-old woman from Brighton, along with a Thai female crew member, were reported missing. The boat, carrying roughly 18 passengers, saw 16 individuals rescued in the aftermath.

Search and rescue teams have been mobilised, incorporating inflatable boats and a helicopter in their intensive search, as reported by the Khaosod news website. The challenging strong currents in the vicinity have led to concerns that the missing duo might have been carried as far as 111 kilometers from the initial site, near the vessel named “Reggae Queen.”

Rear Admiral Pongmit Narongkul, heading the search operation, highlighted the difficulties posed by the strong winds in the area. He noted the involvement of nearby cargo and fishing vessels, which have been instructed to aid in the nocturnal search efforts until the missing individuals are located.

Ko Torinla Island is part of the Surin Islands National Park, a group of five islands situated about 55 kilometres from Thailand’s mainland.

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