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Brighton’s Prolific Burglar Jason Turner Sentenced to 40 Months

Jason Turner, 40, from The Crestway in Brighton, received a 40-month prison sentence last Friday (January 5) after a trial spanning 11 days the previous year.

Turner was convicted in November 2023 of ten counts of burglary, two thefts, one actual bodily harm, and one knife possession.

His criminal activities occurred between January 12 and February 9, 2023, targeting 13 different locations across Brighton.

Initially facing eight charges in February 2023, Turner was subsequently linked to five more crimes through forensic and CCTV evidence.

Turner’s crime spree began on January 12, breaking into a Western Road travel agency, where he stole electronics and a vacuum cleaner.

Despite stealing a vacuum cleaner, forensic evidence, including fingerprints found at the scene, linked Turner to this burglary.

On January 16, Turner stole a mobile phone from a Station Road, Hove shop. Confronted by a staff member, Turner committed actual bodily harm by headbutting the victim.

Turner claimed victimhood in this incident, but further investigation led to a warrant for his arrest.

On January 24, Turner entered a York Place pub, pretending to need the bathroom, and stole till takings. A staff confrontation led to threats from Turner, who then escaped.

On January 26, Turner stole from a Marine Parade hotel’s staff room and later triggered an alarm at another Marine Parade business, where he removed a till.

February 2 saw Turner break into an Edwards Street takeaway, stealing a till and beverages. Hours later, he burglarized a Market Street pub’s cellar.

On February 4, Turner burglarized a Brighton Square clothing store twice overnight, taking items and cash. He also stole from a Kings Road hotel, including two laptops and a personal backpack.

February 5 involved Turner stealing appliances and electronics from a Hollingdean Road student accommodation office.

Turner was arrested on February 6 at home for five burglaries, actual bodily harm, theft, and failing to appear in court. Released on bail, he resumed criminal activities on February 8, breaking into a Gloucester Street restaurant and stealing money.

On February 9, Turner attempted a Kensington Gardens shop burglary and threatened a taxi driver with a knife in Madeira Drive, leading to his arrest.

In custody, Turner faced two additional burglary charges. Later linked to four more crimes through CCTV and forensics, he was charged with a total of 14 offences before his October 30 court date.

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