Update: Video of Altercation in Brighton’s JD Sports Sparks Police Probe

Photo - I'm Just Brighton

An altercation erupted at JD Sports in Churchill Square, Brighton, around 2 pm on Thursday 14th of December, resulting in multiple detentions and minor injuries. The incident, which was captured in a video shared with Sussex News and circulating on Socal Media, has prompted a police investigation.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police confirmed their awareness of the video, which seemingly shows an assault taking place in the popular retail store. According to reports received by the police, the altercation involved several youths and resulted in at least one person being injured.

The chaos intensified when one individual was seen using a fire extinguisher as a weapon, before attempting to wield a second one. This prompted immediate intervention from Churchill Square security personnel. The scene was contained until the police arrived, when a youth was recorded being detained by the security team.

Upon their arrival, police officers discovered three boys and one man with minor injuries. The authorities gathered the details of those involved and enforced a Section 34 dispersal order to manage the situation.

Following the incident, a total of five individuals were detained by security. Sussex Police are now conducting a thorough investigation to uncover the full details of the event and determine the appropriate response.

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