VIDEO: Brighton Man Receives Life Sentence for London Terror Plot

Photo - @TerrorismPolice

In a ruling at the Old Bailey, Edward Little from Pelham Street, Brighton, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for planning a terrorist attack in London. He had earlier admitted to preparing terrorist acts, a violation of Section 5 of the Terrorism Act 2006, at a hearing on May 19.

Video – @TerrorismPolice

The Honourable Mrs Justice McGowan, on December 15, ordered Little to serve a minimum of 16 years before being eligible for parole. Additionally, he received a concurrent four-year sentence for assault causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Just moments away from purchasing a firearm on September 23, 2022, Little was apprehended by officers from Counter Terrorism Policing South East (CTPSE). The 22-year-old intended to use the gun for an attack at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, targeting a specific individual and planning to shoot any police officers and soldiers in the vicinity.

Investigations revealed Little’s engagement in violent and extremist discussions on a messaging app, where he detailed his plans and potential targets.

The operation that led to Little’s arrest was complex and also resulted in the apprehension, charging, and sentencing of three members of an organized crime group. These individuals were involved in conspiring to sell a firearm to Little. In November, they were sentenced for conspiracy to transfer a firearm:

  • Reis Forde, 27, of HMP Rochester, received 13 years and six months.
  • Caleb Wenyeve, 21, of Bildworth Close, Nottingham, was sentenced to 12 years.
  • Tyler King, 21, of Demark Hill, Lewisham, was jailed for 10 years and nine months.

At a previous hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court, Little pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer.

This was in connection with an incident where a Counter Terrorism detective from CTPSE, who was interviewing Little following his arrest, was attacked and punched in the face.

He also previously pleaded guilty to a charge of causing Grievous Bodily Harm with Intent, following an incident where a man was assaulted in Belmarsh prison by having boiling water mixed with sugar thrown over him.

Head of CTPSE, Detective Chief Superintendent Olly Wright said:“Little’s plan to carry out an attack was in the final stages when officers arrested him.“I have no doubt that lives were saved by the actions of those officers who were deployed to arrest him.

“These officers put themselves in harm’s way on that day in order to protect the public from the threat Little posed, and this is what officers across the Counter Terrorism Policing network and in forces across the UK do each and every day.

“It is clear from the thorough investigation carried out following Little’s arrest that he had the specific intention to carry out an attack to further his belief in an extreme Islamist ideology.

“Together with many partners across law enforcement and beyond, we work tirelessly to prevent and disrupt this sort of abhorrent behaviour.

“In this case, we not only stopped a potentially deadly attack, but also disrupted the work of an organised crime group selling a viable firearm and took that weapon and ammunition off the streets.”

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