Video: Laces Fly in Shoe Down Clash at JD Sports, Brighton

Photo - I'm Just Brighton

An incident unfolded at JD Sports in Churchill Square, Brighton, around 2 pm on Thursday, when a group of youths engaged in an altercation. The situation escalated quickly as one individual was seen wielding a fire extinguisher in an apparent attack, followed by grabbing a second extinguisher before security personnel intervened.

Video – Im Just Brighton

Eyewitnesses reported a tense scene as Churchill Square security swiftly stepped in to manage the situation. One of the youths involved in the disturbance was detained by the security team, who held the individual until the arrival of the police.

Videos of the incident, captured by bystanders, show the chaotic moments inside the store, with customers and staff visibly shaken. The footage also captures the crucial intervention by the security team, who acted promptly to prevent further escalation.

The police arrived shortly after being notified and took charge of the situation.

Sussex Police have been approached for comment

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