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Innovative Bleed Control Cabinet Unveiled in Hailsham

The community welcomes a new emergency resource designed to tackle life-threatening injuries, located in the heart of Vicarage Field.

In a move towards enhancing community safety, Hailsham has witnessed the installation of a vital bleed control cabinet in the bustling Vicarage Field Shopping Precinct. This life-saving equipment, strategically placed next to the popular Maybugs store, is designed to provide immediate assistance in the event of life-threatening bleeding incidents, potentially saving lives in critical situations.

The cabinet, easily identifiable by its bright red box mounted on the wall, is equipped with essential first-aid tools tailored for severe bleeding emergencies. Inside, one can find a chest seal for pneumothorax injuries, allowing air to exit without re-entry, a rapid clotting gauze that works within 60 seconds, and a swift-action tourniquet to stop heavy bleeding.

Access to this crucial medical kit is streamlined and secure. In an emergency, individuals are instructed to dial 999, request Sussex Police, and receive a unique code to unlock the cabinet. Additionally, guidance on how to effectively use the contents is provided, ensuring immediate and correct application of the life-saving equipment.

The initiative, spearheaded by Project Youth, a community interest company focused on early intervention for young individuals in East Sussex, aims to foster a safer environment. The project, supported by Accurate Roofing, reflects a community-driven effort to prepare for and potentially mitigate the consequences of traumatic injuries in public spaces.

Carl Scott, the founder of Project Youth, emphasizes the importance of community education and awareness, sharing his experiences and insights to discourage youth involvement in risky street activities. The project not only equips the public with emergency resources but also serves as a platform for meaningful engagement and education among young people and adults in the community.

Councillor Kelvin Williams, representing the Alliance for Wealden (Liberal Democrat) and the lead councillor for Public Health, Wellbeing, and Asset Management, expressed his hopes that the need for such kits never arises. However, he acknowledged the importance of their availability, underscoring the potential they have in saving lives during emergencies.

The installation of the bleed control cabinet in Vicarage Field is dedicated to the memory of a local resident.

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