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Lighthouse, Camera, Action! Eastbourne’s Lighthouse Challenge 2023

In a joyous celebration of its tenth anniversary, the much-anticipated Eastbourne Lighthouse Challenge took place on Saturday, May 20, 2023. The event, organized by the Rotary Club of Eastbourne AM, aimed to raise funds for the maintenance and restoration of the iconic Beachy Head lighthouse.

The inaugural challenge was born from a successful collaboration between the Rotary Club, the “Save the Stripes” campaign, and the Eastbourne Herald in 2013. Their collective mission was to raise £30,000 to ensure the preservation of the lighthouse’s renowned red and white stripes. The event garnered immense popularity, leading to its continuation each year with the invaluable support of dedicated volunteers. A significant portion of the funds raised is reserved for future repainting endeavors, while the remaining proceeds are donated to local charities, including the RNLI Eastbourne.

Participants eagerly began their journey at the kiosk near St. Bede’s school, located at the base of the Downs. From there, they embarked on an adventurous trek up the lane towards Whitbread Hollow, where check-in desks were conveniently stationed. Once registered, participants set off on a picturesque excursion across the stunning Downs, reaching the picturesque Cow Gap in approximately 15 minutes. With determination and perseverance, they descended a flight of steps onto the beach, skillfully navigating rocks, boulders, sand, and slippery seaweed for around 60 minutes until they triumphantly reached the cherished lighthouse.

Upon completing the arduous challenge, all participants were rewarded with a well-deserved certificate, proudly commemorating their remarkable achievement as one of the select few who undertook the coveted “Lighthouse Challenge.” Many walkers celebrated their success with a victory drink, basking in the satisfaction of conquering the adventurous journey and supporting a worthy cause.

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