Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Local residents see enforcement as Ore-some solution to parking woes

Illegal and inconsiderate parking in Ore Village Centre has been a growing concern for local residents. In response to this, the local Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) organised a joint meeting with NSL Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO) to address the issue.

On Saturday at 5pm, the joint operation was launched, and within an hour, it achieved remarkable results. A total of 34 vehicles were given Fixed Penalty Notices or warnings to move their vehicle. Among the violations, 3 vehicles were parked on white zig-zag lines, 15 were parked on double yellow lines or loading bays, 6 were parked at bus stops, and 10 were causing an obstruction to the path or roadway.

The presence of zig-zag lines by pedestrian crossings is meant to ensure safety, and obstructing or blocking the view of other drivers on the approach to a pedestrian crossing could have disastrous consequences. However, some drivers seem to have ignored this safety measure, leading to the need for enforcement.

Unfortunately, some drivers became verbally abusive towards the Civil Enforcement Officers while they were conducting their duties. Despite this, the joint operation was able to achieve its objective, and local residents have been supportive of the efforts made so far.

The authorities have pledged to continue monitoring the situation and have planned to work jointly with CEO’s in the future to address parking in Ore Village. This is a step towards ensuring that the village center remains safe and accessible for all.

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