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Police Officer Assaulted in Newhaven

Police officer hospitalised after a violent confrontation in Newhaven, East Sussex.

In an incident in Newhaven, East Sussex, a police officer was hospitalised after being assaulted while responding to a 999 emergency call. The incident, which unfolded on Tuesday evening, has sparked concern over the safety of officers while on duty.

Sussex Police have reported that the officer, alongside two colleagues, was responding to a disturbance at a local address shortly after 7 pm on March 19. Upon arrival, they encountered a man who aggressively resisted their efforts, assaulting three officers in total.

One Police Constable faced a severe blow, being punched in the face to the extent of briefly losing consciousness. Despite the violent resistance, the officers managed to detain the assailant using Tasers, underscoring the dangerous situations police officers often find themselves in.

The assaulted officer required immediate hospital treatment but has since been discharged. Her colleagues, though injured, did not need hospitalisation. This incident has prompted Sussex Police to highlight the everyday challenges and dangers officers face, emphasising that workplace assaults are wholly unacceptable.

East Sussex Divisional Superintendent Rachel Swinney expressed her shock and condemnation of the incident, stating, “This was a shocking and completely unacceptable incident. Last night, one of my colleagues was injured while carrying out duties to protect the public.” She further emphasized the dedication of police officers to community safety and the inadmissibility of assaults against them as part of their job.

The assault has broader implications, affecting not only the injured officers but also their families, friends, and the communities they serve. It also puts additional strain on the police force, as injured officers’ absence impacts the department’s ability to respond to other emergencies.

In response to this alarming event, a 20-year-old man has been arrested and is currently in custody. Sussex Police are determined to pursue justice, underscoring their commitment to protecting their officers and the public.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks our police officers face daily and the need for the community’s support and respect for those who work to ensure our safety.

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