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Sussex Police report 50% fall in stabbings in high-risk”hotspot” areas

Recent data released by Sussex Police reveals a significant decrease in robbery and assault incidents in the county’s high-risk areas during the past fiscal year, compared to pre-pandemic figures from 2019/20.

The reports indicate a 47% decline in robbery cases and a 42% drop in assaults within these high-risk locations. These areas, often referred to as hotspots, are approximately 150 square meters in size and are known for having a high concentration of serious violent crimes.

Comparing the same time frame in 2019/20, there was a 42% decrease in ‘ADR 160’ offenses across the 15 identified hotspots in Sussex. Additionally, in November 2022, Sussex Police disclosed a 50% reduction in knife-related crimes in these high-risk areas since 2019.

Chief Inspector Simon Yates said: “These latest figures show the proactive work we are doing as a force and with partners is making an impact.

“This isn’t a case of the crime in hotspot areas just moving to other parts of the county, it is being removed from our communities. We will continue to evaluate the data and strive to keep pushing these numbers down.

“I will reiterate, although we are highlighting a reduction in these offences in hotspot areas, Sussex is a safe place to live.”

To tackle knife crime and other serious offenses, Sussex Police has established a specialized unit called Op Safety, which is dedicated to making the county a safer place for its residents.

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